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The Archery Antelope Hunts "Ranch" - Harding County, South Dakota

Dan Davis, Owner of Golden Eagle Guide Service also owns the ranch that we guide on for these hunts. The ranch has a wealth of history on it dating back to the 1800's and if you come, Dan will be sure to tell you as much as you'd like to know.

This was taken from a piece done on Harding Counting in the Nations Center News. "Bill Clanton said his family did all their trading at Stokes & McCoid when he and his family lived four miles south of Harding on what is now Dan Davis’ ranch. Curtis McCoid’s grandmother attempted to teach Bill the finer points of music, but at seven years old, he was not an eager pupil. Rodeos were held just east of Harding on the flat. The old Model-T cars would gather in a circle, a bronc would be snubbed to another horse, and when the cowboy was mounted the rodeo was on!
Our next stop was along the road near Dan Davis’ ranch where Bill Clanton’s parents and grandparents lived. Bill Clanton gave the history of the ranch, his family and his relatives involved in the gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. His grandfather, Billy Clanton, came north with the trail herds. The last bunch of cows he brought up came by rail in 1892 to Wyoming and were trailed north to graze on range near the old town of Macy. After three years, they were trailed to Belle Fourche. Billy homesteaded at the Davis place, built a house and married in 1896.

Ken Williams’ mother Isabel Clanton was Billy’s daughter and sister to Cather Clanton, Bill’s father. Ken joined Bill in reminiscing about the Clanton family.

The last stop at the end of an almost perfect fall day was the old Dude ranch, also known as the Heikkila ranch, now belonging to Tim and Carol Hjort. Bill Clanton’s parents leased the ranch for a few years before buying the ranch where Bill’s son Gary Clanton lives with his family."

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