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How we run our Antelope Hunts

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Our archery antelope hunts take place in a small town in Harding County, South Dakota. We hunt a private ranch from mid-August thru October. Most of our hunting is done out of double bull blinds on water holes or in alfalfa fields. Most shots are between 20 and 50 yards.

South Dakota does not get as much hunting pressure as Wyoming and Montana. We don't have the shear numbers that these two have, but our ranch is protected from the environment and our herd fairs well through the winter months and late spring storms.

How we like to run our hunts:
- No more than four hunters per week
- Three day hunts
- Two days for antelope to settle before next group arrives


- $1800 per person - Archery Antelope Hunt - discounts available for groups of 2 or more, (includes hunt, lodging and meals)
- $2800 per person - 6 Day, Antelope/Deer Combo Hunt - Only available at end of the season, (includes hunt, lodging and meals)

- NEW: $2000 per person - 5 Day, Archery Deer Hunt - Only available the first and second weeks of October (includes hunt, lodging and meals)

- Deposit due upon booking date, remainder due upon arrival
*We can pick you up from the Rapid City airport for an additional fee

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